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Find Your Trusted Partner For Financial Success In a Reliable & Proactive Accountant 

JFW Accounting uses accurate data, personalized guidance, and strong communication to unlock the financial potential of nonprofits and small businesses.  With a collaborative approach to finding financial solutions, we help you use your numbers to reach your organization's financial goals - now and in years to come. 

Our Priority? Helping Everyone Fulfill Their Potential Through Better Accounting
We’re Perfect For...


That requires expert compliance guidance and wants to feel confident that they’re using their money to make the biggest possible impact for their cause.


That needs accurate and timely financial reporting that will help them make the best decisions for their business’s growth and long-term success.

Jo-Anne Williams Barnes, CPA

JFW Accounting Founder

Meet Our Team Of Industry- Leading Professionals

Reliable and approachable, we’re a proud team of experts with years of experience in business and non-profit accounting. Our accountants are fully-certified and regularly participate in professional education to keep their fingers on the pulse of accounting trends and enhance technical expertise.

We are CPAs and Professional Accountants who take time to understand the inner workings of your unique financial situation.

Sure, most accountants will maintain your books and check in once a year when it’s time to file a tax compliant report. Ask yourself, with so little communication, can your accountant really have a complete picture of your evolving financial needs and aspirations? 

The truth is, they can’t. And not having access to detailed, nuanced data and insightful reporting could mean that you’re missing out on major opportunities for financial growth. Without a reliable expert or proactive guidance, it’s hardly surprising if you find yourself feeling…

Like you’re constantly chasing after ever-changing legislation

You worry that even the smallest mistake could lead to serious compliance issues

Anxious that you’re making crucial decisions in the dark 

You’re missing the accurate, nuanced data you need to get a full financial picture

As though you’re wasting vital time & money on figuring out finances

It could mean you or your staff are neglecting more important big-picture things

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Optimise Your Finances & Take The Pressure Off With Our Industry-Leading Suite Of Accounting Services 

We know that number crunching and compliance can be a real headache. Not only is it a drain on your valuable energy, but correcting even the smallest of errors can cost you hours, sleep and - of course - money.

At JFW Accounting, we’re happy to be able to relieve the stress and take care of all your financial needs. You can consider us a trusted partner that’s just as committed to the success of your nonprofit organization or business as you are.

We’re professional, approachable and available to help you with:


We take complete care of accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, payroll processing and the recording of other essential daily financial transactions


We offer monthly, quarterly or annual financial reporting as well as cash management services and assistance with budget forecasting.

CFO Service

A financial manager will partner with your business and guide it through proactive financial decision-making and towards future growth.

Audit Preparation Assistance

We can help your operation prepare for external financial or regulatory audits by identifying issues and assisting with Uniform Guidance Compliance matters.



As certified Quickbooks Advisors, we can help you properly set up and  get the most out of Quickbooks business accounting software.

Specialized Non-Profit Services

We can track your restricted funds, assisting with the preparation of your Statement of Functional Expenses and allocation of program expenses.

Are You Ready To Build A Partnership For Long-Term Financial Success?

Let’s get started. Contact us to find out more about JFW Accounting and how we can help you achieve better financial performance.

Whether you’re a nonprofit who wants to change the world or a business looking to take your operations to the next level, we’d love to hear from you and get started on a plan to elevate your finances.